Learning to see light is a lifelong journey which I'm happy to be on. I believe learning to see is a skill, and as such can always be improved upon. I further believe this skill allows me to see things differently from anyone else.

I'm grateful to be able to share my vision.

I am a 20+year employee of a multi-national corporation in the IT field; I moonlight as a photographer. I'm married, have three fast growing kids, and drive a slow pickup truck.

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Residing in Yukon Territory, landscape photography is obviously a large part of what I shoot. The light has a particular quality (whether due strictly to being north of 60, or lack of pollution, I'm not sure) which seems to enhance the already beautiful scenery. I noticed this upgrade in light quality almost immediately upon arriving in 2013.

Another passion is sports photography. I truly enjoy capturing images of people who are fully committed and moving with intention, whether that's cross-country skiing on the world class trails, speed/power/grace on the ice rinks, or ripping up the trails on a mountain bike.

I come up with other 'mini' projects from time to time which don't fall into the previous two categories; these are scattered around the website as small surprises for you to enjoy.